About Us

This may sounds a bit boring and known, but it all started in a small backroom in a small town in the Netherlands in 2016.
Eef, the founder, always loved making things for in the interior and for pets. People around her started to ask if they could buy these items. Well, from there it got out of control pretty fast because others noticed these items too and so on.

It became more and more a fulltime job and the logic next step was starting a company, a dream that she never thought it would be real.
But Eef wanted to be sure it would be a company which had to stay fun and that she could sell items she truly loved.
So there was Blinkel! First Blinkel was only active on platforms like Etsy and the sold items were mainly for pets. The pet teepees were very populair and soon thousands were sold to customers all over the world!
From Amsterdam to Australia, you can find our teepees in most countries.


After a while Blinkel had to grow and became a familycompany. Not because it was needed, Eef was still having a fulltime job making teepees, but because it had to stay fun to do! The next step was to expand the items with other great items, but with an important thing in our mind: Natural, fair trade and earthfriendly as much as possible.
Now you can find great items for your home from all over the world with many natural (hand)made products.
Unfortunally it is not always easy to work green, but we try to compensate as much as possible. Working with other companies who think alike and actively compensate in different ways is a way how we help the world a bit more.
Handmade Blinkel labeled items combined with great products from other companies makes us an unique shop and we love it!


So, that is a bit about who we are and what we do. We hope you will love our shop and our products!