We are an international company. We buy from and sell to many countries. Our customers are mainly from Europe and North America, but we receive orders from Australia to Dubai and many other countries.
Although we have great companies from who we buy from, we are always interested to work with more companies.


We buy items from China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, The Netherlands, Scandinavic countries, Africa and South America.
Are you interested to work with us? Please read the information below before contacting us.

If you are a manufactor, wholeseller or individual who makes amazing items, let's do some business!
We do not buy full containers. We rather buy 10 pieces per item than 100 pieces of 1 item. The reason is simple: We want to keep our stock as divers as possible.
And if you are making your own products which would fit within our company, we would love to see what you have to offer. Keep in mind we love products which are made from natural materials, re-used, nature friendly etc.

If you are a company looking for products which we sell, please contact us. Tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to make it possible.
Not all products which you can find in our shops are available for resellers. Don't hesitate to ask for products you don't see in our shops.