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Privacy Policy


Ok, we need a privacy policy. Long texts with too much difficult words and sentences. So let's do it a bit different!

We are Blinkel, a company with several webshops, these privacy policies are for all of our shops., No need to make different ones.

Since we work with shopsoftware from a third party, we have acces to sertain information from you. It's there, we cannot delete it or use a off-switch.
But ofcourse there is also information we need to do our job and to deliver your orders to you.

(1) If you are just a visitor and you don't buy anything (but seriously, we know you want to buy something) we only have this information from you:
- We can see someone visited my shop (as in counting)
- We can see how many pages are viewed.
- We can see where someone comes from (like Facebook or from Etsy etc)
- We can see what country you are from.
That is pretty much it. We cannot see you as a person, it is anonymous to us.


(2) But when you become a customer of us, we will know more from you. Logical, otherwise you would never receive anything.
- We know your personal information and your address you provided.
- We can see your Emailaddress.
- We can see how you have paid.
- We can see what is mentioned under (1).

What do we do or don't with this information?
- We use your Emailaddress to add to the shippinglabel. That way you can receive updates about the status.
- We use your information for our bookkeeping (7 years).
- We do NOT use it to send unwanted newsletters or unasked promotions.
- We do NOT use any information to share with other companies.
- We have NO access to your payment information.

Ufortunally still a long list, but we think we have covered all of it. If you think you miss something or we did something wrong, please contact us.

Thanks for your time!

Eef, Blinkel.eu